The Path to Rackmount

Well, my home storage system was running out of space. Looking at my pretty LibreNMS graphs, I would probably be at 100% utilization within 6 months.  My existing setup, a Core i7 870 tower system with an nVidia GT 630 graphics card stuffed with 5 x 2TB drives. This setup was a psuedo hyperconverged system for me, since it housed my virtual machines and storage. A throwback to my gaming desktop days that morphed into my home server and virtualization/storage platform.

Back to Brewing: The 3 Hour Brew Day


I had been brewing for a couple years when the wife and I started to remodel our home back in 2013. I remember brewing for all 3 of my corny kegs in January of '13 and promply running out of homebrew in March of '13 shortly after the remodel started. Oh well. During the remodel, lots of furniture was replaced and the garage space quickly filled up. Aka, my brew area.

Parker Laughing up a Storm!

During dinner last night, Parker was down on the floor crawling around like usual. Will was also down on the floor waiting for table scraps. Tiff and I started hearing lots of giggles from underneath the table. Parker had started to go for Willy and started licking her face. Pretty gross knowing what Willy eats, but Parker thought it was hilarious!

April 24th 2015 Weekend - Wikiup Resevoir Fishing

So Gabe has asked me for the better part of 2 years if I've wanted to go fishing. And I have. But I just haven't had the time until now. April 24th was my weekend. Gabe had all the fishing gear, I had all the sleeping gear.

Gabe and his brother weren't able to get up to the campground until after work Friday evening. I took Friday off and headed up early. Hoping to score a sweet campground. Hit a bit of snow over the pass outside of Eugene.

The Real McDonalds Burger

Anyone that knows me knows that I love burgers. And this day in age, in our fat phobic society, it's harder and harder to get a decent fast food burger. I remember seeing commercials as a kid when fast food places actually cooked their patties on a grill, in their own friggin juices. Not anymore. McDonald's, Burger King, Carls Jr all have gone the way of the food guide pyramid. Focusing on adding whole grains and reducing fat. Well I won't stand for it.

A Duratrac Outing...

This year's "Snow Campings" trip, we headed over to Lookout Mountain rd. Just east of the Meadows turn off on hwy 35. This trip, Jason was able to get up there early to setup his pop up shelter and get a fire going. Shane, Matt and I arrived about mid-day and swiftly got the carport setup for our sleeping arrangement. We were quickly in beer:30 time around the fire.

November 21st - 23rd, Man's Camp 2014

Well, Man's Camp this year started out pretty dicey. Jeremiah and I headed up earlier while others planned on driving up after work and later in the day.We wanted to try to get above the water line so we'd have snow, and stay away from the rain. Things were looking pretty good until Jeremiah's rig veered into a ditch heading into Devil's Half Acre. These silly new cars don't put proper tow hooks on anymore, so it took a while to shovel and dig to find some place to put the winch on.

July 22nd 2014

What will go down in history as one of the greatest days of my life, on July 22nd 2014, Parker Renee Fergusson was born. I got the call at work and rushed home. After arriving at the hospital, Tiff was already 7cm dialated. Within the next 4 hours, Parker Renee was born. Born at 8:03pm, weighing in at 7lbs 15oz.

It's official, it's a girl!

Tiff and I went to the 20 week checkup and ultrasound today, hoping to get some news on gender. The little thing was squirming all around. It took a while for the technician to get a solid fix on the genitalia. Once things started to simmer down, we were handed the news. It's a girl!!

Boys beware! I'm watching you!