Nov 22nd-24th - Bonnie Meadows Camping

My 2nd snow camping trip of the season, Jason, Matt and I headed up to Bonnie Meadows. Its located a couple miles NW of Boulder Lake on the south side of Mt. Hood. We ended up getting to camp a little later in the day, maybe 2pm-ish. We found a nice camping spot at the south side of the campground located right off the meadow. Which we used to setup the carport in. As we were unpacking gear and getting the fire going, we had a huge gust of wind that took our 100+lb carport with a 10ft x 20ft footprint and toppled it end over end. After that, we achored it down into the snow.

Nov 8th-11th - Man's Camp 2013

This years Man's Camp was nestled in the hills just north of Detroit Lake. The campground, Elk Lake Campground, sits at roughly 3800ft elevation. Normally when we go camping this time of year, we hit severe weather. Either rain, or snow and sometimes both. This year was quite a change. Initially arriving Friday morning, the campground was fairly wet. It took a couple beers for the arriving party, Don, Matt and I to decide on where to pitch our tent. But finally settled on a campground right off the lake.